Street Coder

  • The Rust programming language introduced a novel memory management called “borrow checker” where the compiler can track exactly ta which point an allocated memory is no longer needed. That means that the memory allocation has zero extra cost in run time when you write it in Rust.
  • When you focus on the test before you write a single line of code, you start thinking more about tests than your own problem domain.
  • A nice story: a CEO was getting a ride in a helicopter, and they got lost in the fog. They noticed the silhouette of a building and saw someone on the balcony. The CEO said, “I’ve got an idea. Get us closer to that person.” They got closer to the person, and the CEO shouted, “Hey! Do you know where we are?” The person replied, “Yes, you're in a helicopter!” The CEO said, “Okay, then we must be at the college campus and that must be the engineering building!” The person on the balcony was surprised and asked, “How did you figure it out?” The CEO replied, “The answer you gave us was technically correct, but completely useless!” The person shouted, “Then you must be a CEO!” Now the CEO was surprised and asked, “How did you know that?” The person answered, “You got lost, have no idea where you are or where you are going, and it's still my fault!”